Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Change Will Do You Good...

This Sheryl Crow song has become my mantra/theme song as of late. Between moving ten and half hours away from my side of the family (where we have lived for the last twelve years), trying to get settled into our rental house, adjusting to the reality that Abby starts KINDERGARTEN in less than three weeks (She is beside herself with excitement. I am still in denial.), and feeling somewhat isolated not really knowing anyone and not having internet access at the house yet (which is probably a good thing as I still have tons of boxes to unpack, pictures to hang, closets to organize...), I feel like I am on transition overload!

Still, I keep reminding myself that these changes are good. This is a new chapter in our lives, and although we are still working through some things left over from previous chapters (- word to the wise - never own your own business, and especially not two of them at the same time), I am excited about the adventures and experiences that await our little family. Pat absolutely loves his job. We are so grateful for it. Noah still says in his bedtime prayers, "Peaze help Daddy get new job." It was part of our prayers for so long, but now when Noah says it, we remind him to say, "Thank you for Daddy's new job." Especially after hearing that 700,000 jobs are being lost every month, I can't even express how truly thankful we are.

I'm also hoping to get a teaching position with a preschool that's fairly close by. Noah seems excited about the idea of going to preschool, especially now that Abby is going to be starting school. Since he is such a "mama's boy", I think if he knows I am in the building it may help ease him into it. Of course, it could also completely backfire, so keep your fingers crossed for me.

Now if I only I could learn how to play the guitar...

Friday, July 3, 2009

It's Party Time!!!

Noah was so excited about his "racing car" birthday party this year! He's been talking about it for over a month. With our recent move, I wasn't sure how the party was going to play out seeing that we don't know a soul here in Alabama as of yet. But it just so happened that my dad planned a trip to Arkansas to so we could see my grandma right around Noah's birthday and decided to stop through Alabama to pick us up on the way. Talk about great timing! So Noah was even more excited that "Papa", "My-dal", Marc, and Mindy were able to be here for his Lightning McQueen birthday party!

It's hard to believe he is already three years old. He is a crack-up! He loves to laugh (potty humor has definitely kicked in) and make jokes, especially knock-knock jokes. :) One of his favorites, he learned from Uncle Michael -

Knock, Knock!
Who's there?
Police who?
"Police det me come in. It's dold ow-side!"

We sure love you, Noah. You are one COOL kid!

(Enjoy the Smilebox - Noah picked it out!)

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