Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Four Years and Making the Switch

This month marks FOUR YEARS - four years since I started this little ol' blog of mine.

Four years of stories - the good, the bad, and the embarrassing funny.

Four years of sweet moments recorded and priceless photos captured. It boggles my mind to look back and see how much my kiddos have grown and how quickly time passes. (Just writing that, my eyes are all misty - such a sap, I know.)

Four years of the same header and sidebar pictures from that special weekend at Virginia Beach four summers ago - partly because I am too sentimental to change them...and because we haven't been back since. Moving during the summer (TWICE over the past few years) kind of puts a damper on beach vacation plans, but I am hoping that this will be the summer that we finally go back. 

I am grateful for the blog friendships that have developed over the past four years. Your supportive comments and emails and advice...I've learned SO much from so many of you and thank you for letting me have a peek at your everyday lives. It's amazing how you can really get to know people that you've never even met.

Being a part of the Fishful Thinking faculty for two years is a stand-out example of that. As much as I would have liked to, I never had the opportunity to meet the amazing ladies behind the voices on our conference calls, but it was always like chatting with good friends.  I feel like that opportunity really helped me to discover my writing niche. I love writing about family activities that inspire and educate which was the motivation behind starting Teach It Simple. And being that I am in that transition phase right now - both kiddos in school and in the process of getting re-certified so I can start teaching possibly this fall and now writing for B Kids Toys on a regular basis, I feel like it's time to make the switch...

No, not the switch to Wordpress...who wants to learn a whole new program? Not this gal.

The switch to PRIVATE.

Yep, I said it. I've been going back and forth about this for awhile now. But I keep coming back to switching this blog to private and posting more regularly on Teach It Simple and seeing where it leads. I just feel like that's what I need to be focusing on right now - making the most of those everyday moments.

I'm definitely going to keep on "writing the waves" too - so for the handful of you that stop by every once in awhile, I will be sending out blog invites when I make the switch in a couple of days.

Well, enough of my reminiscent rambling - I hope to see you on the other side...

and over at Teach It Simple !

Friday, February 17, 2012

These Shoes Weren't Made For Walkin'

It's been two days since my giant-leap-out-of my-comfort-zone-solo-day-trip to NYC for Toy Fair 2012...

and my feet (and shins and calves) still hurt. That's what you get for stepping out of your tennis shoes and slipping on two inch heels - chunky heels, but heels none the less.

But it was totally worth it and a lot of fun to meet the B Kids team (and hang out with Bebee and friends) LIVE and in person -

I am really excited to be using this early childhood degree, tucked away in my back pocket, to write monthly website articles and post playtime ideas and helpful tips on the B Kids facebook and twitter (@bkidsfun) pages. Fun stuff.

As cool as it was to be at Toy Fair NY, I was so glad to pull in my driveway later that afternoon (after taking a cab, then a train, then finding my car and relying on my GPS to get me home), kick those heels off, and spend the rest of Hearts Day partying with my cute little valentines! Sure do love those kidlets of mine...

*Hoping your Valentine's Day was full of BIG SMILES and little candy hearts...and chocolate - lots of chocolate!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Not Your Ordinary Valentine's Box...

Considering that we waited until the last minute to do Abby's valentine box project, it sure turned out cute! Who knew that a Capri Sun box and a giant purple flower stashed away in my craft stuff could become this?

She was SO excited to take it to school today - even wanted me to drive them so that it wouldn't get messed up on the bus (and you know how much she LOVES riding the bus). 

Speaking of school, I have been there everyday this week except for Monday. The front office lady (I really need to learn her name) probably thinks I have attachment issues (...which I kind of do). But today, I was there to help the class with a service project for a local senior center (- click over to Teach It Simple to see what we were up to)!

Then I went back this afternoon with Noah to be a last minute "Mystery Reader" since no one had signed up. Noah wasn't too crazy about the idea of going back until I asked him if he'd like to "read" The Spooky Old Tree - his Berenstein Bears favorite. He asked to share it with his K class awhile back and was so proud of himself. To my surprise, he agreed to "read" it to Abby's class too. Those kids were SO impressed. They even started chanting, "NO-AH! NO-AH!" It was great.

Next week, I am sure the office lady will be shocked when I don't show up for the Valentine parties. I hate to miss them, but I am actually being really brave and heading to NYC for a Toy Fair media breakfast. I had no idea how huge this event was when I was invited to attend. HUGE! And yes, I am a wee bit intimidated, especially driving into the city. yikes! But I am really excited that my role as the BKids Toys early childhood contributor is finally taking off, and I will get to meet the team in person.

Just have to make sure I am back by that afternoon to spend at least part of Hearts Day with the kiddos...

Yep, I definitely have attachment issues.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Spring Sneak Preview

Cute shadow of my boy swinging - LOVE!

Groundhog's shadow showing itself tomorrow?

Not so much.

If only it would stay sunny and in the upper 50's until spring actually arrives.

*For more shadow fun (in the spirit of Groundhog Day), check out the latest on Teach It Simple!