Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Favorite Easter Moment...

My boy taking inventory.

*Hope you all had an eggs-cellent Easter weekend!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spring Break & Quote of the Week

I am really looking forward to this week. The kids and I get to spend spring break with my dad, brothers, sister-in-law, niece & nephew, sister, and my 94-year-old grandma. The fishing poles are ready to go, and Noah has been talking about going to breakfast at "Old McDonald's" with Grandma for weeks. It will be a lot of fun.

Crowded...but fun. 

With all of us staying in Grandma's 1200 square foot house, we will definitely be feeling the love! :) 

Saturday, April 16, 2011

My Boy's FIRST Soccer Game!

Last Saturday was Noah's first game.  I tell ya, that boy was ready to play!!!

The intensity on his face was cracking me up. He sure was keeping up with that ball - making Coach Dad proud! 

Good thing I took tons of video and pictures last week because all these crazy thunderstorms and tornado watches are putting a damper on soccer season. Noah was actually supposed to have his first game THREE weeks ago, and then today's games were cancelled for both kids. (Yup, I am now a soccer mom times two, and Pat is double-coaching both Abby's and Noah's teams. And have I mentioned all of the conflicts we've had so far with Daisy Scout activities and the upcoming dance recital? Obviously, I did not think this through...)

At this rate, he may only have a couple of games left. Poor kid. I guess that's why the spring registration is only $20. I have a feeling though that he will want to play again in the fall...

I mean...look at that face!

(I just hope his cleats still fit.)

Friday, April 15, 2011

Locks of Love & a Brand New 'Do!

After months and months of growing out her hair for Locks of Love, the BIG DAY finally arrived for Abby to get those long locks CUT!!!

 4/13 - Yes, she is even wearing a Rapunzel nightgown. And no, that was not planned for the picture. :)

She was already super excited from pulling yet ANOTHER tooth that morning so going to the hair salon to get a new 'do was the icing on the cake!

Mom, on the other hand, had major butterflies in her stomach...

 Especially as the hairdresser took the scissors and snipped 11 whole inches!!!

 Amazingly enough, I didn't cry! I know. I was shocked too. But seeing Abby's big toothless grin knowing that she had finally reached this goal to donate her hair...this mama felt pretty proud, I must say.  

On the way home, we stopped to pick out some new headbands since Abby will now be able to do her hair ALL BY HERSELF as she keeps reminding me. She did, at least, let me blow dry it a little for her "AFTER" picture.

Thank you for your shining example, sweet girl. You have such a giving heart and teach me so much each day. I am so grateful to be your mom. I sure do love you!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spring Into Action: Simple Service Ideas for Kids!

Last week, we were invited, along with a bunch of other families from church, to put together hygiene kits to help the relief effort in Japan. The kids and I went to the store where they helped pick out toothpaste, bar soap, hand towels, add to the pile of supplies that were being collected at this family's home.

There were probably 50-60 people - moms, dads, teenagers, elementary kids, toddlers - all gathered together to help. Those kids were EXCITED!  They all had their giant zip-lock bags in hand ready to make the kits! Along with this project, the kids also made Easter cards- complete with foamie stickers - for the local children's hospital that the family would deliver.

After the kits were made and the cards were decorated, we all had cookies, and the kids played outside for a bit. Such a simple way to serve as families! It was awesome.

It doesn't take a lot of preparation to give in simple ways. This activity reminded me of the We-Can Club ideas from Fishful Thinking - one of my absolute favorite things about the site! Click the link read more about how we can cultivate optimism and hope in our kids (and our families) by helping them to do good!

*Have any simple service ideas or experiences? Thanks for sharing! 

Sunday, April 10, 2011

My Happy Pictures

* Tulips - especially yellow ones

* My snuggly boy

* My precious girl

*And the fact that the kids didn't drop the camera on the concrete 
when they were taking these Mom & Me shots.

 As nice as it would have been for a professional photographer to take photos with a professional camera (currently on my wish list, along with a photography tutor), I am happy with how they turned out. I even have a few I'd consider "frame-worthy". Perhaps I could devote a whole wall to tulips...

Oooh, just the thought! :o)

What made your Happy List this past week? 


Friday, April 8, 2011

Photo Story "Friday Confessional" - Hindsight

I Confess:

I am not a reptile person.

Creepy, crawly, slithery creatures kinda freak me out.

That being said, I was pretty proud that I kept my composure (for the most part) on a recent field trip to a pet store with the kids.

It's not your ordinary pet store.

Snakes, lizards, geckos, and even tarantulas are ALL OVER THE PLACE. 

HUGE snakes and lizards - I might add.

Oh - and GIGANTIC cockroaches!

The shop owner pulled each of these creatures from the behind the safety of their glass cases for all to see and touch. Out in the open. Less than two feet away from where we were sitting.

He even put a gecko on Abby's head hoping to get a picture for the shop's facebook page.  And wouldn't you know it?  That gecko jumped right off of her head and landed on MY shoulder.

Yes, I yelped, and everyone had a good laugh at my expense.

Despite the incident, we've actually been back to the shop one time since then to visit this surprisingly charming little guy...

Charlie is the store's mascot.  Who knew that bearded dragons were so friendly? The shop owner said that some people even sit them on the couch and watch TV with them.


We're heading over there again today to see some "beardie" hatchlings that just arrived this past week.

If the thing wasn't $200 + a pop for the dragon and set up, including UV lights, and the fact that you have to feed them 100 live crickets each week, I'd be tempted to get one for Noah's birthday in a couple of months.

What a cool mom I would be, huh?

But then again, we all know what happened last time I wanted to be a cool mom...

 April 2010

50 + crazy canine pounds later...

January 2011

At least, a bearded dragon wouldn't need obedience school and a private trainer.

Playing along with these ladies again today -


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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Way Back WW: Too Big for Baby Cones

When: December 2008
Where: Bruster's Ice Cream (yum!)
What: First Single STRAWBERRY Scoop 
(Of course, Noah couldn't be left out. 
He loves Banana like his mama.)

Abby informed me a couple of days ago that she is "too big" for the playground at Chick-Fil-A. 

Not that I mind, that place seems to be a breeding ground for germs. It never fails that one of my kids gets sick a couple of days after playing in one of those indoor playlands - even after immediately washing and sanitizing hands. ugh.

The "too big" status though? I am still getting used to.

It's starting to apply to all kinds of things. 

Disney Junior?  Too big. 

Half the clothes in her closet? She's outgrown them.

Her two front teeth? Gone. (She just pulled her other one on Monday night - all by herself - once again.)

She's growing up.

Soccer games, Daisy Scouts, Pinkalicious "Fashion Diva" parties (that's a whole other post), chapter books, and now her first Daddy Daughter dance - this Friday night.

We actually went shopping for a new dress this weekend. She was so cute telling me which dresses she was "interested in" trying on. She is so looking forward to her special night with Daddy. 

Like my husband reminds me all the time, "They are still little."

I know. I know.

But sometimes, they just seem SO BIG.

I'm reminiscing today with Cheryl's Way Back When-esday,
and since I was so WordFUL, I linked up with Angie too!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

How cute is this?

My bloggy pal, HolleeAnn, is hosting a little giveaway, and I couldn't resist racking up as many entries as possible after seeing this -

Can't blame a girl for trying. :)

*Hint to my hubby - just in case I don't win - Mother's Day is around the corner...