Saturday, April 16, 2011

My Boy's FIRST Soccer Game!

Last Saturday was Noah's first game.  I tell ya, that boy was ready to play!!!

The intensity on his face was cracking me up. He sure was keeping up with that ball - making Coach Dad proud! 

Good thing I took tons of video and pictures last week because all these crazy thunderstorms and tornado watches are putting a damper on soccer season. Noah was actually supposed to have his first game THREE weeks ago, and then today's games were cancelled for both kids. (Yup, I am now a soccer mom times two, and Pat is double-coaching both Abby's and Noah's teams. And have I mentioned all of the conflicts we've had so far with Daisy Scout activities and the upcoming dance recital? Obviously, I did not think this through...)

At this rate, he may only have a couple of games left. Poor kid. I guess that's why the spring registration is only $20. I have a feeling though that he will want to play again in the fall...

I mean...look at that face!

(I just hope his cleats still fit.)


Jessie Oliveros said...

I just love kids soccer...I mean when they are really young and they are just masses of flailing limbs and a sometimes-kicked ball (usually by accident). Too bad your games were cancelled but your boy is happy! (By the way, who won? Not that it's important...)

amanda said...

we just did our first soccer practice last night! what is it about littles in soccer cleats that makes a mama get all proud and sappy :)