Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spring Into Action: Simple Service Ideas for Kids!

Last week, we were invited, along with a bunch of other families from church, to put together hygiene kits to help the relief effort in Japan. The kids and I went to the store where they helped pick out toothpaste, bar soap, hand towels, add to the pile of supplies that were being collected at this family's home.

There were probably 50-60 people - moms, dads, teenagers, elementary kids, toddlers - all gathered together to help. Those kids were EXCITED!  They all had their giant zip-lock bags in hand ready to make the kits! Along with this project, the kids also made Easter cards- complete with foamie stickers - for the local children's hospital that the family would deliver.

After the kits were made and the cards were decorated, we all had cookies, and the kids played outside for a bit. Such a simple way to serve as families! It was awesome.

It doesn't take a lot of preparation to give in simple ways. This activity reminded me of the We-Can Club ideas from Fishful Thinking - one of my absolute favorite things about the site! Click the link read more about how we can cultivate optimism and hope in our kids (and our families) by helping them to do good!

*Have any simple service ideas or experiences? Thanks for sharing! 

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Kerri said...

you might like my sister's idea for a service fundraiser -- a trash-a-thon, like a walk-a-thon, gets sponsors to pay a certain amount for every piece of litter picked up at a place in need (the school, the park, the roads, etc.) She put more details on the site.