Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Way Back WW: Too Big for Baby Cones

When: December 2008
Where: Bruster's Ice Cream (yum!)
What: First Single STRAWBERRY Scoop 
(Of course, Noah couldn't be left out. 
He loves Banana like his mama.)

Abby informed me a couple of days ago that she is "too big" for the playground at Chick-Fil-A. 

Not that I mind, that place seems to be a breeding ground for germs. It never fails that one of my kids gets sick a couple of days after playing in one of those indoor playlands - even after immediately washing and sanitizing hands. ugh.

The "too big" status though? I am still getting used to.

It's starting to apply to all kinds of things. 

Disney Junior?  Too big. 

Half the clothes in her closet? She's outgrown them.

Her two front teeth? Gone. (She just pulled her other one on Monday night - all by herself - once again.)

She's growing up.

Soccer games, Daisy Scouts, Pinkalicious "Fashion Diva" parties (that's a whole other post), chapter books, and now her first Daddy Daughter dance - this Friday night.

We actually went shopping for a new dress this weekend. She was so cute telling me which dresses she was "interested in" trying on. She is so looking forward to her special night with Daddy. 

Like my husband reminds me all the time, "They are still little."

I know. I know.

But sometimes, they just seem SO BIG.

I'm reminiscing today with Cheryl's Way Back When-esday,
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angie said...

Its amazing how a picture can bring to mind how BIG the kids are getting!

Jessie Oliveros said...

Well put. It's fun to reach those milestones with the kids, but oh so bittersweet.

amanda said...

awww look at that picture!! honey! where did your littles go??

pause button!!

Kat said...

Oh I know! They get bigger every second. It is so sad how quickly it goes.