Friday, February 10, 2012

Not Your Ordinary Valentine's Box...

Considering that we waited until the last minute to do Abby's valentine box project, it sure turned out cute! Who knew that a Capri Sun box and a giant purple flower stashed away in my craft stuff could become this?

She was SO excited to take it to school today - even wanted me to drive them so that it wouldn't get messed up on the bus (and you know how much she LOVES riding the bus). 

Speaking of school, I have been there everyday this week except for Monday. The front office lady (I really need to learn her name) probably thinks I have attachment issues (...which I kind of do). But today, I was there to help the class with a service project for a local senior center (- click over to Teach It Simple to see what we were up to)!

Then I went back this afternoon with Noah to be a last minute "Mystery Reader" since no one had signed up. Noah wasn't too crazy about the idea of going back until I asked him if he'd like to "read" The Spooky Old Tree - his Berenstein Bears favorite. He asked to share it with his K class awhile back and was so proud of himself. To my surprise, he agreed to "read" it to Abby's class too. Those kids were SO impressed. They even started chanting, "NO-AH! NO-AH!" It was great.

Next week, I am sure the office lady will be shocked when I don't show up for the Valentine parties. I hate to miss them, but I am actually being really brave and heading to NYC for a Toy Fair media breakfast. I had no idea how huge this event was when I was invited to attend. HUGE! And yes, I am a wee bit intimidated, especially driving into the city. yikes! But I am really excited that my role as the BKids Toys early childhood contributor is finally taking off, and I will get to meet the team in person.

Just have to make sure I am back by that afternoon to spend at least part of Hearts Day with the kiddos...

Yep, I definitely have attachment issues.


amanda said...

oh honey that flower is amazing!!

happy heart week :)

angie said...

Don't forget to tell us all about the event. Her box is fabulous!