Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Works For Me Wednesday - Color A Smile!

Not too long ago, I read about this idea in Family Fun magazine to have your kids create a "crayon masterpiece" and send it in to Color A Smile - a non-profit organization that distributes children's artwork to nursing home residents and Meals on Wheels recipients. I had no idea that such an organization existed - loved this idea! So I recruited our new homeschool group to do this simple service activity and sent in about twenty smiley pictures drawn by kiddos ages 2-7. It's so awesome that there are neat opportunities out there for little helping hands. The kids were all really excited about their pictures knowing that they would be helping to make someone smile!
My kids and I really enjoy doing these types of activities together. As I read in August's Fishful Thinking newsletter - Encouraging Random Acts of Kindness (by Dr. Reivich) - There are no limits to the way you can practice kindness; the key word is practice. As a family, make the practicing of kindness a positive habit. You and your children will feel happier with the knowledge that you are bringing happiness to others.

SO true!!!

(Fishful Thinking really works for me too!)

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Mindy Jo said...

I love that idea and I miss my sister too!!