Thursday, October 21, 2010

His New Secret Weapon

Noah has learned a new little ditty (courtesy of The Cat in the Hat Knows A lot About That). He's been singing it to me all week long, and even after the twentieth time, it still makes me smile and give him a squeeze. He sure knows how to melt his mama's heart. But now he's trying to use it to keep himself from getting in trouble - his new secret weapon (or so he thinks). He used it yesterday when he kept asking to go outside, and I kept telling him "Not yet. We'll go out in a little while."

So while I am loading the dishwasher, I hear the front door open.

"Noah! Come back in here."

He peeks around the door and immediately starts singing with the biggest smile on his face -

"This is the Mom Song, and moms are great! Moms are better than chocolate cake!!!"

As cute as he was (and he knew it!), Noah still had to wait until later to go outside. Who knew that a four-year-old could be so manipulative? Geez...


Kat said...

Haha! What a little genius! :)

amanda said...

they are so clever aren't they friend?

Jenny Ramsey said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA..........what can i say to this? go noah! AHAHAHAHA! what a clever little son you have!

raising4boys said...

How funny! I love the song lyrics, I haven't heard that one :)