Thursday, September 22, 2011

When Mama Ain't Happy...

This morning didn't go so well.

More like the last five minutes didn't go so well.

When you find your son's new school shoes soaked, muddy, and stuffed with wet socks, his other pair is too tight, you can't find his sandals to wear instead, and your daughter is freaking out that "the bus is coming!" (and it really isn't) - things don't go so well.

Yes, we found the sandals.  Yes, I explained why he can't go stomping through streams of rain water in his school shoes. Yes, we gave hugs and said "Have a good day"....but I feel bad. Gotta love that "mom guilt".

I think I am just in a funk. Not quite sure what to do with myself. I still have tons of boxes I could unpack, pictures I could hang up...there's always cleaning to be done, but I am totally unmotivated to do it.

To my credit, I did trim down our crazy bushes, plant some flowers, and laid new mulch - finished it up yesterday.  I felt pretty accomplished...for a few hours. That is until the dark brown blanket of mulch was obliterated with grass clippings after my dear husband mowed the lawn.

I know that nothing goes untouched INSIDE the house. You put the pillows on the couch - they are back on the floor again.  You empty the dishwasher just to fill it back up. You vacuum the floor, then see the kids eating crackers in the living room. You finish the laundry...well, you never finish the laundry.

But OUTSIDE? You think your work might stay in least for a few days.

Ho hum...

I think there are some Cocoa Puffs in the cupboard calling my name. This mama could use some chocolate.


Tiffany said...

I have those mornings too. I really it when someone yell sthat the bus is coming down the street as well.

Peace, Love and Chocolate,

amanda said...

skip the cocoa puffs and head straight for the chocolate chip cookie pie!!


Kat said...

Ugh. That is a bad morning. I hate when the morning starts out hectic and crazy like that.
As for the rest of it, I HEAR YA! I completely relate. Good news is, everyone I know who has older kids keeps telling me it gets easier. I'm clinging to that. ;)
Hang in there!!!!!

Jenny Ramsey said...

we have had many such mornings. in fact, we had one this morning. i almost made gavin wear mis-matched shoes just to teach him a lesson about leaving his shoes out in the rain.

raising4boys said...

It is hard to start the morning out like that. Seems to mess up the whole day. Glad you found some chocolate.