Friday, March 2, 2012

Seuss Day Drama

All was well as the kiddos were eating their GREEN eggs and ham for breakfast this morning -

The Cat-in-the-Hat-a-thon was on in the living room so I have this bright idea -

"Hey! Do you guys want to be Thing 1 and Thing 2? I could cut out some paper circles and stick them on your shirt!"



 A few minutes later as Abby is picking up the Thing 1 circle - after all, she is the first born...

"NO! I want to be Thing 1!" Noah insists.

"Noah, but I'm the oldest!"

"You should be Thing 2. You are two years older than me!"

He does make a good argument, but...

"I was born first, Noah. You were born second."

Yep. She has a point.

"But Aaaaabby! You are two years older!"

I can see that there is no changing Noah's mind, and the clock is ticking away.

I look at Abby, "Since he is making a bigger fuss about it, would you just let him be Thing 1?"

Being the sweet big sister that she is (most of the time), she concedes.

 We have seven minutes to get in the car and get to the school before the bell rings when as we are walking out the door, Noah says,

"I don't want to wear it to school."


"Buddy, you just argued that you wanted to be Thing 1. We are running late, dude."

"But not for school. Just for home."


So now Abby wants to be Thing 1. I make the switch and put the Thing 2 circle on Noah's backpack.

"Is that good?"

"Yeah, that's good, Mom."

We get to school with thirty seconds to spare.

Geez louise. Really?

Sometimes I wonder what in the world I am thinking...


Emmy said...

Don't you hate it when you try and be creative and make it fun only to have it backfire? Why do kids do that to us!

Cheryl Lage said...

Whew! Those 30 seconds feel good when they are on the right side of the designated arrival time, don't they?

Thanks for the invite, Kelli! Hope you are well!

angie said...

SOOOO fun!

amanda said...

that's all sorts of awesome :)

silly kids!!

Abby said...

ha ha! The sibling squabbles sound familiar. Yay for Dr. Seuss!

Jenny Ramsey said...

sigh, our good ideas are so lost on the youth of today.

Kat said...

Haha! Well it all worked out in the end. ;)
Love the green eggs and ham! :)

Justin said...

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