Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Wreckless Abandonment

I never thought I'd be one - one of those bloggers who posted and commented pretty regularly, then dwindled down to a couple of posts a month, and then NOTHING.

There were a few blogs that I followed regularly - and would check back periodically hoping for a new post, a quick update, an explanation even as to why their poor blog had been so neglected.


I hoped that everything was okay and maybe life had just gotten too hectic, and something had to give. Still, I couldn't quite understand how you could put so much time into writing and reflecting and posting all those crazy cute pictures and then just stop.

Now I get it.

Life just gets crazy sometimes. And as my kids get older, things are just getting busier, and time is flying faster. It's really freaking me out to tell you the truth.  At least, I've managed to post pictures and snippets on facebook...if only I could bring them all over here. I'd be all caught up! The only reason I am able to write now is because I skipped out on football practice tonight. (Yes, Noah is playing TACKLE football this season. All Daddy's idea, of course. I swear, I need a Xanax prescription to handle this.) Trying to keep up with everything (and everyone!), this summer seems like a blur, and I can't believe that school starts next week...

And this year, I am going back with the kids.

Yep! After an eight year hiatus, I interviewed at the kids' elementary school and was offered a learning support position. Woohoo!!! Thanks in part to the great recommendations their teachers gave me since I volunteered so much last year. I am sure some people thought I already worked there. :)

I have workshops tomorrow and Thursday - and I have no idea what I am going to wear. My semi-professional wardrobe is very much lacking after all these years of being at home. That's actually why I stayed home from football so I could figure that out. (I am procrastinating, can you tell?) I am really excited to be going back though and to be at the same school as my kids is what I've always hoped would work out.

So I can't make any promises, as I am not sure what September will bring, getting into this new routine, plus teaching dance, writing for BKids, and taking the kids to football and gymnastics - but I really do hope to be able to squeeze a little blogging in there somewhere.

Fingers crossed!

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