Saturday, February 28, 2009

Quite the Comedian...

Abby:Hey Dad! What kind of driver doesn't need a license?

Daddy: (looks a little perplexed) I don't know, Abby. What kind of driver doesn't need a license?

Abby: (starts laughing) ...a SCREWDRIVER!!!

(I'm still not sure where she heard that one, but I was pretty impressed! )

Attempting to get the kids to have some quiet time. Noah was not happy...

Noah: No, Mama! No!!!!

Me: (closing the gate in Noah's doorway) Yes, Buddy. You have to stay in your room.

Noah: (still whining) Noooooooooooo!!!!

Me: Noah, you can have naptime or quiet playtime. Which one?

Noah: GET OUUUUT time!

(Definitely wasn't expecting that! It took everything in me not to crack up. I couldn't help but crack a smile though.)

Funny kids. :)


Mrs. S said...

hehe :) I love when little ones discover jokes!! They really tell some funny ones!!

amanda said...

my favorite joke when i was a kid was what's round and bounces?

a ball!!

thank goodness your kids are waaaay funnier!!

Anonymous said...

i wonder if the "get out time" will work on matt...

just kidding!!