Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Let the GERMS begin!

Abby started school less than two weeks ago, and this past Thursday, she got sick. Runny nose, barking cough, scratchy throat - total bummer. She actually said, "Mom, I don't want to go to school tomorrow. I don't feel good." Poor little thing. Considering how ecstatic she has been about school, I knew she really must have been feeling bad. So I kept her home on Friday...and I have to admit, I was a teensy weensy bit excited that I got to keep her home with me (yes, I am having separation issues) and we'd have a three day weekend, even though she wasn't feeling too well. We pretty much bummed around the house on Friday, drinking lots of water, eating popsicles, and watching Disney channel. (We finally got cable/internet hooked up again. When we first turned it on last week - Abby saw Disney for the first time in three months and exclaimed, "What in the WORLD???")

On Saturday, she seemed to be doing better, so she and I went on a girl's day out to eat lunch at "the noodle place", as Abby calls it (her favorite), and then to get some new school shoes. Pat and Noah headed out to the driving range to hit some golf balls. Noah was stoked! (You should see him hit the golf ball. It's crazy how well he hits for a 3-year-old. Abby's got a pretty darn good swing too. She can hit the ball over the fence in our backyard!) As we were searching for shoes, I noticed my throat was feeling scratchy too....By the time we got back that afternoon, my head was pounding, and I could tell my sinuses were preparing for an attack - ugh! Then a couple hours later, Noah started whining that his throat was hurting. "My froat, Mama. My froat is urding."

I guess it was inevitable, even though I've been having Abby wash her hands when she gets home from school and even introduced the whole singing "Happy Birthday" thing while she suds them up. I was really hoping it was just allergies, but I resigned to the fact that we've all got colds, except for Pat. He's been sleeping on the couch so he won't inhale my germs. (More power to him! I'd much rather be sick than to have to take care of a sick husband. He is worse than the kids. )

I did go ahead and send Abby back to school yesterday. She nose isn't running anymore, and she seemed to be feeling better and didn't want to miss "Purple Day"! I read that after three days and if she hasn't run a fever, then it's okay...still I've been reminding her, if she has to cough, cough into her elbow. If only she had a Germy Wormy...anyone ever use one of these? The site lists favorable reviews.

For now, I'm sticking to the traditional germ-fighting tips (and keeping my fingers crossed!) -

• Teach your children to wash their hands for as long as it takes them to sing the chorus of their favorite song, such as “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” or “ABCs.”

• Use an antibacterial soap with warm water.

• Do not allow children to share drinks.

• Keep sick children at home.

Honestly, I probably would have kept Abby home one more day if I wasn't so paranoid about her accumulating absences. I've already been scolded for bringing her to the car rider entrance one minute late (7:36 am - school doesn't even start until 7:40am), and the principal made us go all the way around to the front of the building to sign in so by that time, she was late. I tell ya, homeschooling sounds better and better to me all the time.

*I linked this post up to Tackle It Tuesday in case there are other moms out there in need of germ tackling tips or might have some to share!


angie said...

My sisters daughter was back in school for 3 days before getting pneumonia. Bad timing for sure! :)

I'm not sure about that germy wormy thing.........I think the tried and true tips you listed are GOOD. :)

Organizing Mommy said...

Sorry about your little one getting sick after she was so excited! I KNOW I would have separation anxiety also. That's not the only reason we homeschool. You know, you can always put them back in the school the next year. The Lord has a different path for everyone. Oh, and homeschool co-ops share germs too. LOL

amanda said...

oh the back to school germs!! not so good times huh friend :(

hoping that all your germ fighting tips come out the winner the rest of the school year!

Kacey R. said...

I'm sorry your little one got sick. What a bummer! And the principal? Really? Made you go all the way around to the front to sign in? I'm going to have serious authority issues when my little ones go to school. LOL

amanda said...

I used to pride myself that my kids "NEVER" got sick but then realized it was because they were all home with me. We all got sick during the first week of school too. Yep-let the germs begin.
Lucky me, my husband got it too--ugh--need I say more:)

Terri said...

Yep it doesn't take long for them to get sick. Poor thing I hope everyone is all better now.

Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings said...

I suppose that's the one bummer about school...germs and sickness!! No fun! Thanks for the germ-fighting tips! ;) (Not so sure how I feel about that germ sleeve you mentioned either...eeww!)

When I taught elementary, my immune system was great at fighting off things because I was able to build it up, but now I catch EVERYTHING!

The Head Eagle said...

My oldest starts preschool next week..and I am not looking forward to the germ factor!

P.S. I clicked over from Mormon Mommy Bloggers!

Margaret said...

Hi Kelly,
I am the inventor behind Germy Wormy and would love to send you some to try out.

Great that you are teaching kids to cough and sneeze into their elbow but there is 1 challenge with that. The germs are on their shirt and if you get a reallly productive sneeze or cough they have to change their shirt. Not so with Germy Wormy. It is disposable. They make a mess, you throw out the germs and their shirt stays clean!

It also comes with a great DVD Where Germy Wormy comes to life and teaches them everything you want kids to know about how to Protect the fort from the spread of germs.

I would love for you to try it!
e-mail me at mback@germywormy.com

Kelli @ writing the waves said...

(Oh my...Open mouth, insert foot!) Thank you so much for your offer, Margaret. (I sent you an email.)Please accept my apologies. I should not have made a comment about a product I haven't even tried. I am editing my post but am still linking to your site and your product's favorable reviews. Congrats on the success of Germy Wormy!