Saturday, July 30, 2011


I have been eyeballing this place ever since we first drove into town, and I finally pulled up yesterday on the way back from the DMV - which I never found. (The GPS took me to a building that was up for lease. Nice.)

Serious goodness. The best Italian ice I've ever tasted. This may be our new hangout. I just have to remember to get cash. I only had four bucks yesterday and had to share with the kids. (They had Mango and Root Beer - yum!) Definitely have to get one of my OWN next time.

I told the kids we'd take Dad back today to try it. (Good excuse, huh?) I'm thinking "Pina Colada"...or maybe a "Gelati" - Italian ice with soft serve on top.

So many flavor combinations, so little time. :)


amanda said...

oh my goodness is right!! pretty sure you must go at least once a day!!

Emmy said...

Mmmm that does sound good. Drives me crazy when places are cash only, I never have cash!

Ashley said...