Sunday, August 7, 2011

I'm Such a Sap...

It had been over two and a half years since we'd been to my mom's house in PA.

Thanksgiving of 2008 - I remember thinking when we were all there that being together like this would become a rare thing. Then Noah came down with a fever so we reluctantly headed home a day early so we could take him to the doctor. He was miserable. Poor kiddo had an ear infection.

The months that followed were chaotic (to say the least) with Pat temporarily working out of state and still job-hunting. Mom made it down to see us, but the kids and I never made it back to her house before we moved to Alabama that June.

When we pulled up to Grandie and Grandad's house a couple of weeks ago, Noah was completely confused.  He thought we were going to visit them in Chicago since that's where we went last fall. I explained to him that they live in both places right now because of Grandad's job, but eventually, they will just live in this house only a couple of hours away from us. Being so little when we were there that Thanksgiving, Noah had no memory of this house at all. He ran up the walkway and up the front steps, excited to check out the place.

As Mom opened the door, and we walked inside, I had to fight back a few tears. My emotions love to get the best of me. The tears kicked in again when Mom took us over to local farmer's market/bakery/cafe that is one of my favorite places in the world. (Thank goodness for sunglasses to disguise my red eyes.) Thinking of how little the kids were the last time we were there and that now we'll be so much all seemed a bit surreal.

It seems surreal just being here in this house and this new neighborhood. I am going through the motions, getting unpacked, making things functional, registering the kids for school (still can't believe Noah is starting K - so glad it's only half day)....but I definitely feel out of sorts. Probably doesn't help that last week Pat had to work pretty much 12 hour days. Not to mention that I am trying to transition Rocket to being an inside dog since we no longer have a fenced in backyard. I feel like I have a whining 80lb toddler with separation anxiety who is constantly underfoot.

But when I get to feeling lonely or overwhelmed, I remind myself of pulling up to my mom's house, being so much closer to Virginia, and anticipate how nice it will be to be able to spend Thanksgiving with family this year...and I think Mom's coming back for Labor Day too. We are definitely looking forward to that and to going back to Brown's Orchard for fresh peach sundaes and old-fashioned kettle corn.  No wonder I missed that place so much!


amanda said...

So exciting for you to be closer to family. It only takes being away from them to really appreciate what it means to have them close. I am so happy for you!!!

raising4boys said...

Wonderful memories. How fun for you kids to re-explore Grandma's house. Hope it all sinks in soon ;)

Kat said...

That is just awesome. There is nothing like having family close by. You don't know how good you've got it until you don't have it. So glad you got it back. :)

amanda said...

i am just so happy for you friend!

Jenny Ramsey said...

aaaaaaaaaannnnddddd...more easily accessible jen/kelli brusters runs!!