Monday, August 29, 2011

First Day of K and 2nd Grade!

And they loved every minute of it - especially riding that school bus!

What a huge relief as I fully expected Noah to be clinging to my leg. The other 30 + kids (no kidding!) at the bus stop, all excited and ready to go, really helped...and, of course, his big sister did too. Abby held his hand as they crossed the street, climbed on the bus, and even walked him to his classroom once they got to school. (Sure made me feel a WHOLE lot better knowing that she was looking out for him. And I am proud to report that there were no tears - shocking, I know. I was close when I walked in the house, but then Pat called and snapped me out of it. Good timing, dear.)

Feeling pretty big and BRAVE and now proclaiming that school is "SO FUN", Noah insists that he can walk to his class "by myself" tomorrow. But not fully ready to retire my "helicopter mom" status, I told him that I'd like Abby to walk with him for a few more days so that Mommy won't worry.

I am making progress - loosening those apron strings, but still one step at a time...

and today's was GIANT.


amanda said...

so proud of you mama!! for real!! it makes me tear up just thinking about sending my girls off to school!! yay for you (and them!)

ps - also so happy to hear that you made it through all the crazy mother nature fun!!

Deb said...

It's hard to believe they're BOTH in school!! Crazy how it goes by so fast. Just seems like yesterday when you brought them home from the hospital and now you're bringing them home from school. Cherish the memories and their childhoods, sweet Kelli. It is all sooooo precious and short-lived. I wish I knew then what I know now. Life is fleeting..... so take it all in; precious moment after precious moment.
"Mothers hold their children's hands a while, and their hearts forever." All my love, Mom

raising4boys said...

That's great he adjusted so well. I agree it's so nice to older siblings to help and be there for them.

(and I'm glad I'm not the only helicopter mom) ;)

Kat said...

Awwww. It is hard to watch them walk away and not know what they are doing for HOURS at a time, isn't it? 4/5 years old is still so little.

What a great big sister she is! Love to hear that. :)