Tuesday, August 23, 2011

So THAT's What That Was!

The kids and I had just climbed in the car after doing some back-to-school shoe shopping – always a fun experience – and I had turned the ignition when we felt the car start to shake and bounce around a bit. 

Great..something is wrong with the car, I thought. Crap.

Then I looked around and noticed the antennae on the cars next to me shaking too so I figured that maybe it was just a strong gust of wind. It felt a little out of the ordinary, but the shaking stopped after a few seconds, so I pulled out and headed down to the park, as I had promised the kids. 

Of course, Noah noticed the ice cream shop along the way and started yelling “Let’s go to the ice cream place, Mom!!!”   (That boy seems to only have two volumes these days – loud and louder!)

But being that it was ICE CREAM, how could I resist? 

I turned around and parked the car when I got a text from my bff - 

Did you guys feel the earthquake that hit DC?

Do what???

That shaking in the parking lot was a freakin' earthquake!

The kids were a little worried at first. Abby asked right away if we could raise money for the people in DC like when there were earthquakes in Haiti and Japan - such a sweet kiddo. I was relieved to find out that it wasn't that bad. Just scary for a lot of people, especially our family and friends in VA. (So glad that all of you are okay!)

When my mom finally got through to us (phone lines were jammed for a couple of of hours), she said,  "It seems like you've traded tornadoes for earthquakes!

Sheesh! I sure hope not.


Kat said...

Yipes! I heard it was a big one. Glad everyone was okay. :)

Krystyn said...

how scary...glad you all are okay!

amanda said...

so glad you guys were ok!!

raising4boys said...

Crazy! You have such sweet kids to think about raising money. (and I know what you mean about the loud and louder...maybe it's a boy thing) ;)