Thursday, August 18, 2011

Too Much Sizzle in Disney's Sizzling Summer (INFO UPDATE!!!)

Dear Disney Channel:

You know that I love you, but the new “Love You Like a Love Song” video featuring Selena Gomez?

Not so much.

As a mom who enjoys watching Disney with her kids (5 & 7), after seeing this video once, I now make sure to turn the channel every time it comes on.  It is disappointing because my 7-year-old daughter is a big Selena Gomez fan, but those extremely revealing, low cut costumes, heavy makeup, and watching her get up close and personal with a long-haired, bare-chested version of Fabio is completely inappropriate for the majority of your viewing audience.

Frankly, I feel that the video should be removed from the program line-up.

I realize there is a wide age range that your company is trying to appeal to, but this video seems completely out of character for Disney Channel.  It also saddens me that Selena Gomez would present herself in such a way, still being so young herself, and knowing what a young fan base she has.  I sincerely hope that this is not the direction that Miss Gomez or Disney Channel is headed.  Even “Shake It Up” recently featured an episode where “16-year-old Justin Star”  was involved in a “scandalous relationship” with his older manager.  Yes, it ended up that he was actually 24 and married to his manager, but what if the viewer hadn’t watched the entire episode? Either way, this plot was too mature and unnecessary in my book. There are better story lines to be written. 

Keep us smiling with shows like “Good Luck, Charlie” and “Friends for Change” - shows that entertain and inspire in a fun, wholesome way. This Disney-lovin' mama and her kiddos would very much appreciate it!

*Anybody with me? I've never actually written a complaint letter like this to figure out where to send it so that someone from Disney will actually read it. 

8/18 - UPDATE: Well, I researched a bit and found not only an address for the Disney Channel, but a phone number too (818-460-7477 - Thanks to!) where you can leave a 60-second message - after you figure out which options to pick. Tip: Once Disney Channel is mentioned hit 4-2-5. QUICK! They leave no wait time before the call disconnects. After a few attempts, I was finally able to leave messages about the video and the tv show. The Parents Television Council website also lists contact information for several other channels as well. With all the junk that is on TV, I am bookmarking that site! May even join a local chapter - "
Every telephone call, letter, and e-mail really does make a difference!"


Kat said...

Oh my gosh! I completely agree! We don't even watch the tween shows, just the cartoons, and the music videos are way out of line (not to mention annoying). I can't stand it! I always have to turn the channel too. Ugh. On the Disney Channel now? What next???

amanda said...

ok this is too funny - last weekend we were watching good luck charlie and the video came on - i wasn't exactly watching but i texted the bff and said how sad it was that i was digging the new gomez song. it came on later and i actually watched. i texted her back and was like dude - they are showing her boobs on the disney channel and they are better than mine!! she texted back and said once she had those bieber babies she'd be like us!!

but for real - i was kind of surprised at the exact same stuff you mentioned. and then i just felt like a bad parent for letting lb watch disney not in the morning....

Emmy said...

Haven't seen it but yes sounds way too much. Just blogging about it us a step- not sure where to send it to. It is sad what awful junk there is out there.