Thursday, August 25, 2011

He's Kindergarten Bound! (Photo Story Friday/GMYBS)

Up until today, I think I was in denial.

Of course, we have been talking about starting school, got all registered, even went and picked out Mario and Hello Kitty backpacks and bought all those school supplies. Still, it hadn't quite set in, but after the K orientation this morning and the open house this afternoon, there's no denying it now!

Noah was pretty clingy and putting on the shy-hide-behind-mom act when we first got there. He wasn't too keen on going down to the classroom with his teacher while the parents stayed in the "gymacafetorium"  (now that's a mouthful) either.  Abby ended up going with him (and I threatened no video games this afternoon if he didn't cooperate - gotta do what ya gotta do), and he did fine.

We lingered for a few minutes after the "meet and greet" in the classroom so I could show Noah around the room a bit...

He was most excited about test-riding the school was Abby. She begged pretty much her entire Kindergarten year to ride that bus, but I stuck to my guns.  I told her that Mommy was still getting used to her being in K - one thing at a time.

Now that she's older and can sit with Noah on the way to school (and because ALL of the kids in this neighborhood ride the bus), I am taking a deep breath and loosening the apron strings a bit. 

Abby and Noah are insisting that they want to take the bus on the first day of school - probably a good thing in case there are tears and attachment issues at the first day drop off...

and I am not just talking about Noah.  

Thank goodness he only goes half-day. I teased Abby and told her I was going to ask her teacher if she could have "half-day second grade" too, but, yeah...she didn't go for it. 

Come Monday morning, I think I am going to need donuts...lots of donuts.  

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liveinthebadlands said...

Ah the first day jitters.... mom's get them too! Good luck to him and you :)

Deb said...

I clearly and fondly remember your first of school, Kelli girl! As your dad and I dropped you off, you quickly kissed us and waved us on as you turned an eager eye toward your classroom door. You were excited to enter and embark on the experience that awaited you. We came back at recess to check on you and saw how delighted you were with your new surroundings. We had no doubts you would thrive in this environment as we know your kids will too. After all, "the apple doesn't fall from the tree!"

Love, Mom