Thursday, August 11, 2011

PSF & Summer Wish List Revisited

With less than three weeks left until school starts (starts later in PA than AL - yay!), I've been trying to make up for some summer fun lost due to packing, cleaning, moving, unpacking, more cleaning... Once the kids are in school, I'll have all of the uninterrupted time in the world to get things better organized and decorated. So this past Monday, I took the kids to Friendly's for GIGANTIC sundaes, then played a round mini-golf, and ended up browsing around at Barnes and Noble. Much more fun than being stuck in a house surrounded by boxes.

I guess I shouldn't be so hard on myself. When I think about it, we have done quite a few things on our Summer Wish List that we came up with back in May...

And who says the fun has to stop once school starts? Technically, summer is not over until late September so I'm hoping to take a few Satur-"daycations". There's an amusement park not too far from here, and the beach is only a couple of hours away! September weather will probably be great for camping too. We have a state park just a couple of miles down the road - definitely need to take advantage of that.

It will be fun to see which wish list items the kids enjoyed most and help them "keep their summer learning" using this new Fishful Thinking activity: The goal of the conversation is to help your child name at least one thing they loved doing over the summer, then set a goal for building on what they learned during the school year.

As for me? All of my favorite activities seem to involve dessert.

For more summer fun photos, check out GMYBPSF!

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Kim Stevens said...

I agree, anything with dessert is a go for me! Looks like a fun day had by all.

amanda said...

honey i think that is the biggest cotton candy i have ever seen!!! love this post and love al the summer fun you guys have had!!

Emmy said...

Looks like you did a on of fun things-especially on top of moving- I know how that goes. Great pictures