Friday, March 13, 2009

It's a ..... Book!

PhotoStory Friday
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After almost nine months of anticipation, my contributor's copy of A Cup of Comfort for New Mothers finally arrived!

Essay's name: Welcome Home
Delivery Date: March 4, 2009
Weight: @ 11 oz.
Length: 7.5 inches

(I know...a "book" announcement? A little cheesy, but just humor me.)

Our first photos...
(Disclaimer: Excitement over seeing your first story in print makes a person do crazy letting your two and four year old use your digital camera.)
Noah took this one...

and this one...

Abby took a few too...

Then I remembered the camera has a timer so I could get one of ALL THREE of us...

Yes, we were a little camera happy. :)

To further celebrate this new arrival, I am giving away a copy of A Cup of Comfort for New Mothers. I am almost finished reading it, and I have to say, every essay I have read has made me laugh, smile, or get a little teary-eyed. I've really enjoyed it.

So you have until Friday, March 20th to leave a bit of comfort/advice you might share with a new mom, whether it's her first or her fourth!
I will randomly choose a number and announce the winner on Saturday, March 21st.

And speaking of new moms, CONGRATS to Diary of a New Mom! Mom2Miles is now Mom2Miles AND Riley! (Her personal essay is also featured in A Cup of Comfort for New Mothers. Talk about great timing - Riley arrived on the same day as our contributor's copies!)


Wayne said...

great photo frday. looks like you had a lot of fun with the pictures. as for the compation well I am not a mother or even a father yet. but I guess in general I would say erm bring them up in love.

i dont really know what I would do with a book for first time moms but If I win then yahooo!!!

Heather said...

Those are good photos for a 2-year-old! My advice would be to clean less, love more. Give yourself permission to be a kid yourself sometimes. Messes clean up, kids grow up.
Congrats on being published!

Stephanie said...

YAY! Congratulations!!! And those are good pictures!! :)

Krystyn said...

Congrats! And, love the pictures!'ll always get more advice, even if you don't want it. But, sometimes, it might actually be useful.

Terri said...

Awesome Kelli! The kids did good taking pictures.

Kristen said...

Kelli!!! That is so so exciting!! Congratulations and what an awesome accomplishment. You should be so so proud!

Advice...hmmm, I heard this one once and I still think it rings true for me. When you have a child get ready to have your heart live outside your body. I feel that everyday with my two kids. :)

amanda said...

I just want to say CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Yipee. How cool is that.
I am so happy for you. I don't have much advice but the other day I went to a RS conference and they gave 3 ideas to build self esteem in children

(not 3 ways to be a good mom, or 3 ways to love your children. 3 ways to BUILD SELF ESTEEM--so I was listening)

1-Give daily outpourings of love
2-Praise more than criticize
3-Counsel, don't control

I loved these ideas and I hope to do better at them:)

Pam said...

Your family is beautiful. Congrats On the book how exciting... Love to all of you Aunt Pam

Narelle Nettelbeck said...

Congratulations! That is so exciting for you. I've mentioned you for an award over at my blog - I hope you'll accept it?


Rachel said...

Yeah - congrats on being published, that is AWESOME!!!

Advice - Hmmmm......I think treasuring the small moments of happiness. The fun things the kiddos say, the unexpected hugs, the times of snuggles, even the midnight feedings because there comes a time when these don't happen anymore and you'll be sad that they are gone!

Narelle Nettelbeck said...

Oh and my advise.....

I think as mums we do our best with our kids but sometimes feel very guilty over the mistakes we make and guilt for the ares of mothering we think we should do better.

I think we need to forgive ourselves for the mistakes, wipe the slate clean and face each day brand new AND constantly remind ourselves of the things we do as a mum that ROCK! (I mean the things we're not guilty for ie. loving our kids, disciplining as necessary etc...)

So advise: don't be too hard on yourself you're doing your best!

Chelle said...

Congratulations, sweetie!! What an exciting day for you all!

My advice? Don't be too hard on yourself--your little one loves you regardless!

I am so happy for you :)