Sunday, March 22, 2009

Winning words of comfort...

Sorry I'm a little late posting this. I just put all the names on little pieces of paper, and I am having Noah pick one out of a bowl right at this moment....He's looking at me like "What are you doing, Mama?" haha :)

And the winner of A Cup of Comfort for New Mothers IS......

Rachel!!! And I just clicked on her comment to get her URL and saw this!

How awesome!!! Congratulations, Rachel and soon-to-be big sister, Riley! (and the dad-to-be too, of course.) That is so exciting!

Rachel left these words of comfort for new moms:

Hmmmm......I think treasuring the small moments of happiness. The fun things the kiddos say, the unexpected hugs, the times of snuggles, even the midnight feedings because there comes a time when these don't happen anymore and you'll be sad that they are gone!

I'm sure she'll be taking her own advice when her new baby girl arrives and the sleep deprivation sets in. :)

Thank you, Rachel and everyone else for all of words of comfort and encouragement. (Click here to read them all!)

That is the whole purpose of A Cup of Comfort for New Mothers. The stories are told from the perspective of first time moms (like I was at the time) to a mother of four having a fifth! (I can't even imagine.)

In the words of one of the essay titles, there really is a "sisterhood of motherhood", and these stories illustrate that bond with love, humor, and reassurance. All of which are very important when those post-pregnancy hormones are raging! :)

I hope you enjoy the book, Rachel!

And to the rest of you - I'm planning to give away another copy around Mother's Day. Of course, if you just can't wait until then, you can always click here OR mosey on by your local bookstore...hint! hint!


Jenny Ramsey said...

i'm still just so excited for you! it's going to make a fabulous baby shower gift too...for like, everyone i know...everyone gets this book!

susette said...

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Sara :) said...

That is so awesome that your essay is published!!! I will have to buy a book and check it out. You and Pat have such cute kids.I have a blog too but it's private so email me at and I will send you an invite. I'm glad I found you on facebook. It's good to keep in touch. -Sara Baker

Rachel said...

Thanks again - I can't wait to receive the book, how awesome!!

amanda said...

sounds like noah picked the perfect winner :)