Monday, March 16, 2009

Last Minute Leprechaun

In an effort to redeem myself from last year's lack of creativity and to somewhat ease my guilt/make up for Abby missing her preschool St. Patty's Day party, (I know she misses being there, but she's been such a little trooper dealing with all this moving mumbo jumbo.), I want to do some fun stuff with the kiddos tomorrow.

So being that it is 9 o'clock at night and I am totally brain dead, I knew I could count on the Family Fun website to give me some great ideas! If you don't have something up your sleeve already, you've got to check these out!

I've already printed out three different coloring/activity sheets, some shamrock patterns, and sent Pat to the store (yes, he is finally home from FL!!!) to get some Lucky Charms for breakfast, Rolos for a treasure hunt(instead of gold coins), and lemon jello to make our very own pot of gold!My sister-in-law and little nephew are coming to party with us so it should be lots of fun!

Well, I'm off to add some green food coloring to the toilet water before I go to bed. Definitely not something I would have ever thought to do, but I think the kids will think it's hilarious....or it could totally freak Noah out and cause a potty training set back. Geez...Let's hope not!


Shannon said...

First of all- love that my kids can go to school for St.Patties day because back in Utah it is always during spring break. So- I went to Einstiens Bagels and got green bagels for the kids- we will have green milk and green cream cheese to spread. I like your toilet water idea- so as soon as Im done- I will do that! How exciting that you got your book! I wanna do your contest- but Im not sure if I could give advice. Hmmm- I will have to think on that! Hope your enjoying your new found stardom!!

Heather said...

Your activities sound like a lot of fun! My students always enjoying graphing a cup of lucky charms and finding out how many of each marshmallow they had - mainly because they got to eat it afterwards!

Jenny Ramsey said...

hahaha! you crack me up! life at your house must be so fun. i am not even sure if all my kids are wearing green. gavin is so he won't get pinched at school, so that's good right???

amanda said...

isn't that the best site ever!! i love it and it has truly saved me many times :)

hope you guys have a great green day!