Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Children's Book Giveaway @ Mom's Point of View!

My friends know that I am a sucker for children's books.

I can't get enough of them.

I'd move into the Barnes and Noble kids' section if they'd let me.

So when I saw a tweet from my favorite Godiva-Chocolate-Cheesecake-lovin' friend, Terri, this morning, I clicked right on over:

momspointofview @writingthewaves hey another book I think you may like is up for grabs on my blog.

Click here to read Terri's great review and enter her giveaway
to win a copy of Hayseed's First Race!

*This is the 1st children's book by Sally Schrock and 1st children's book ( & series) being released by Caballo Press and even has a fun little activity page for the kiddos. They can join Hayseed's posse here!

I have to find out how she's getting these free children's books to review - gotta get in on that!

I've also gotta get someone to give me a swift kick in the pants so I'll get my cover letter written and get my picture book manuscript sent out. My dad even did some pics for me. What am I waiting for?


Terri said...

Thanks Kelli for posting this :)

Need me to come kick you in the butt? It will be a long drive but I'll do it :) Get your book out there girly! You can do it! Then I will review it for you :)

As for the book I did not get this one from Book Sneeze but I do have one from there that I will be reviewing with in a few weeks. I received and email that had the contact info for Caballo Press in it. So I contacted them about reviewing this book.

Oh an you need to answer the question I posted as well to qualify for the book :P

Miss you girly! I wish we were close so we could get cheese cake together.

Cecily R said...

Send. It. Out. I will come and haunt you if you don't!

Jessie Oliveros said...

Send it out! I have heard a few times that it is better to send the ms without pics for a children's book. Of course, your dad drew them, and that is very cool.

Kelli @ writing the waves said...

I've read that too, but since my dad is professional cartoonist, I really wanted him to do the illustrations. :)