Sunday, June 20, 2010

A BIG ol' Father's Day breakfast

This past week, the kids and I went on a road trip with my dad to visit my grandma. The kids were beside themselves with excitement that "Papa" was coming to visit and that we'd get to eat breakfast at "Old McDonald's" every morning with my grandma.
We had lots of fun, and the timing worked out well to be able to spend Father's Day with my dad too. We got back last night (after ten hours on the road) so I was scrambling a bit to get things ready for this morning...
Biscuits and gravy (yes, I made the gravy from scratch and it actually turned out - amazing!), bacon, mini blueberry muffins, cantaloupe, and I even fried an egg for Pat without breaking it - that's a first for me.

I figured it's one day out of the year so I went all out with the artery-clogging cuisine. (I wasn't thinking about all that Mickey D's we had earlier this week - oops!)

Tomorrow, it's back to frozen waffles or cereal - thank goodness.


blueviolet said...

One day is a-ok! Sounds fabulous!

Cheryl Lage said...

Look at those happy faces! Way to celebrate the ancestors in style!

amanda said...

oh there is nothing better than a big ole fathers day breakfast - yummy!!