Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My little "Sport Princess" needs your VOTE!!!

As much as Abby LOVED playing soccer this spring, I couldn't resist entering a picture in the Sport Princess photo contest...
I took this at one of Abby's soccer games as she was "firing the cannon" - with a huge flower painted on the side of her face. It was painted on at school the day before, but she loved it so much that she insisted we couldn't wash it off and still wanted it on her face for her game the next morning. Definitely gives the picture that "Sport Princess" style! If only she had been wearing the pink soccer wristbands I got her for her birthday.

The first book in the "Sport Princess" children's book series is actually going to be about a soccer princess so it only makes sense to vote for Abby's picture - don't ya think? Here are the voting guidelines:

To vote, simply send an email to sportprincesses@gmail.com with the subject title "Photo Contest" with the Alpha Letter of the photo you're voting for in the body of the email! Starting today, June 1st, through Thursday June 10th, the VOTING period opens. You - your family - your friends - are allowed ONE VOTE on ONE PHOTO per day! One vote per household per day - so rally up the troops to vote for your Sport Princess!

The first winner will be the princess with the most votes by Thursday June 10th 12pm PST.

Abby was pretty excited when I told her about the contest so if you have a sec, we'd really appreciate your vote! Her picture is Letter T. THANKS!!!


blueviolet said...

I voted!

amanda said...

super cute mama :) she's got my vote!

Chris said...

Cool! I voted!

Also, you can make the email link like this to have it fill in the subject and body automagically:

Click here to vote!

< and > changed to [ and ] for viewing:

[a href="mailto:sportprincesses@gmail.com&subject=Photo Contest&body=T"]Click here to vote![/a]

raising4boys said...

It's really a great photo! I sent my email vote. Go T!!

Nancy said...

I voted!! :)

Nishant said...

super cute mama
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