Thursday, May 27, 2010

Fishful Thinking Thursday - Making a difference...

A few months ago, I read about this idea to start a WE CAN CLUB posted on Fishful Thinking's Parenting Positive Kids group page over on Cafe Mom and thought it was so cool! What a great way to instill hope and optimism into our kids and others within our community -

Invite a few of your children's friends to join the club and recruit their moms to help. Together, identify three to five neighborhood projects that the kids would like to work on together to bring about a positive change.
For example, if your local parks are dirty, they can set the goal of picking up trash for one hour on weekends. Or, if there are elderly people that live in your neighborhood, you can bake cookies with your kids and deliver them as a surprise to brighten a neighbor's day. It's important that you help the club members set achievable goals so they can see first hand the positive influence they have.

Now that school is out, I thought the summer would be a perfect time to kick off our very own We Can Club. I've already recruited a couple of moms, and one suggested that the kids help tie a quilt to send to a soldier. Luckily, she has sewing skills. Me? Not so much. We'll also have them make thank you cards - all in the spirit of Memorial Day. I'm pretty excited about doing these service activities with the kids.

I'm also excited that tomorrow morning, I'm taking Abby and Noah to our local children's hospital to deliver the games, books, and puzzles that Abby recently collected at her "birthday picnic" instead of receiving gifts. We've got a whole laundry basket full of stuff! One of the representatives is actually going to give us a brief tour so the kids can see the playroom, an unoccupied patient room, and the playground for the patients. It should be a neat experience. I'm planning to take pictures and then email them (Smilebox style) to the kids who came to her party and donated those items. That way they can see where their donations went to and show them that "WE CAN" make a positive difference no matter how tall or how small we are.

More details & pics to come!

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The Insatiable Host said...

Hey, I am stopping by from SITS Sharefest, and HOLY this is such a great idea!!

I especially love the birthday idea - I live near 3 NIC U wards and they certainly could use a WE CAN attitude. Thank you for posting a great idea!


Andrea (ace1028) said...

This is an excellent idea. What a bounty of stuff you collected. I hope the kids found it to be a wonderful experience. Thanks for sharing!

Came by to say hey from SITS and the best of post!