Monday, May 10, 2010

Mom & Me Monday - Soakin' Wet!

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"Pop out from behind that camera and
capture yourself in action with your kids!"

As promised in my Mother's Day post, here's the back story on this picture - the picture that gives my most recent example of those you-never-quite-know-what-to-expect-so-go-with-the flow motherhood moments.
The kids were supposed to be helping me water our (attempt at) a mini-garden, when all of a sudden, Abby turned the hose on us!

My first reaction was to tell her to stop. I was supposed to be leaving in an hour to head out to activity night at church so I didn't want to get all wet. Noah was screeching and crying, "Abby's getting me!" ...and Abby was still giggling.

Seeing the BIG grin on her face, I decided to switch gears and savor this silly moment instead of spoil it. Next thing you know, I'm grabbing the hose from her, handing it to Noah, and telling him to "GET HER!!!" He's giggling now too as I help him soak her pretty good! Abby laughing even harder as she dashes away while Noah's still trying to spray her with the hose. Now we're all chasing each other around the yard, squealing, laughing, and getting soakin' wet.

It was one of those moments that I wanted my kids to remember - their mama being silly with them - so I grabbed my camera and set up the self-timer to grab a couple shots of the three of us together - laughing, playing, and all wet!

And then we finally watered the garden.

Learning to embrace these fleeting, spontaneous moments with my kids has changed me for the better. Motherhood has changed me for the better. I've learned to enjoy the little things amidst the chaos and to savor the short time I have with my kiddos while they are young. Just the thought of them being all grown up one day makes me weepy.

However, next time I have the kids help me water the garden and end up soakin' wet, I'll make sure it's on an afternoon when I don't have anywhere to go. :)


amanda said...

we need to savor more silly moments don't we friend :)

thanks for the reminder!

Jen said...

I love it! I'm in need of a reminder of this as well. So many times I'm just trying to hold everything together and get it all done, that I don't embrace or savor those moments (and sometimes don't even allow them to happen). Bravo Kelli!

Emily said...

Impromptu water fights are just one of the many fun things about motherhood!

blueviolet said...

One can tell that you were having a ball!

Kat said...

Way to turn it around, mama! That is the kind of mother I strive to be too. :)

Krystyn said...

How awesome of you to savor that moment for your kiddos...I just know they will cherish it! Thanks for the gentle reminder!

Alysha (Supermom) said...

looks like a fun time :) Happy (belated) Mother's Day

amanda said...

Again, I continue to learn from you. My mind always goes to the mess, the time it will take to clean up the mess and logically the fun will last minutes compared to the time it will take to clean up the mess:( I'm such a grumpy mom. I need to savor the moments. I know that someday I will miss this time. The little voices, the silly things they say, etc etc. Sigh!!

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

EXcellent! It's hard to embrace the spontaneous moments but SO worth it!

Elaine A. said...

I love that you just let it happen. I need to do this more with my kids. Thanks for sharing and for the reminder! :) Happy late Mother's Day!!

Vivian Ducati said...

Love it! We should all get soakin' wet more often. Thanks!