Saturday, May 1, 2010

Almost like having a newborn...

Well, we took the pup to the vet on Friday afternoon. The kids were pretty nervous that Rocket had to get a shot. They actually covered their eyes when the doc did it, but Rocket was a little trooper. The coolest part about the visit was that the vet let the kids listen to the puppy's heartbeat with her stethoscope. I wish I'd had a camera for that. It was too cute.

Probably three times during the visit, the doctor and her assistant referred to having a puppy as "almost like having a newborn" - I guess in reference to the sleep training. For the first three nights, we let the pup sleep in our bed to help him adjust to being away from his mom and "littermates" as they call them. I finally picked up a crate today to put in the laundry room to start up the whole housebreaking/crate training process. He wasn't a happy camper at first, but after a few kibbles of food and lots of "Good Boy" and "It's okay, Rocket", he is now ASLEEP in his crate.

Now, if my memory serves me correctly, when my babies were newborns, I surely didn't throw them any kibble and put them in a crate. And I sure as heck won't be up every hour and a half for the next three months feeding this pup. (I tell ya, I was a walking zombie for the first six months after Noah was born.)

I'm hoping that the ticking clock, the night light, a chew bone, and two fans in each of the kids' rooms to block out the whimpering and barking that will occur at some point in the night, will get us through until morning.

Honestly, I think having a puppy is more like having a toddler. First off, there's the potty training. I've already gone through three rolls of paper towels and half a can of carpet cleaner. (I'd totally be on board with some puppy diapers.) Secondly, everything goes into his mouth - chewing, biting, licking. I'm having to baby proof again and make sure the kids have all their little toys and game pieces off of the floor. Thirdly, I have to watch him like a hawk. He's into everything. He even managed to knock his whole bag of dog food onto the floor in the laundry room. (Abby thought it was so funny that she told all the kids at school the next day.)

I don't ever remember my newborns doing anything like that, but when they were toddlers?

Most definitely.


Chelle said...

Lol! The food picture reminds me of Marley & Me, haha!

I can't wait to get a puppy! Every time I read one of your posts I get puppy fever :)

ps-was it Daphne we were talking about?? I can't remember?! Lol! xoxo

Melissa (Wallick) Larson said...

You are one brave mamma to get a puppy. I don't know that I will ever do that again, but you have fun with it!!! :)

Jenny Ramsey said...

well look on the bright side, at least you aren't breastfeeding. :)

Emmy said...

Yes definitely sounds more like a toddler to me :)

Good luck. He sure is cute though

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

Woman, I am going to have to stop reading this blog if you're going to be having crazy ideas like taking a puppy home on a whim! He is cute, though. Don't let my kids see him!

amanda said...

oh my goodness look at all that food!!

Vivian Ducati said...

haha! From someone with an infant and a toddler, definitely sounds like the toddler to me!