Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cinco de Mayo Party - Fishful Thinking style!

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On Wednesday, a friend and I joined forces and threw a last minute Cinco de Mayo party for our preschoolers. She brought the worksheets...

and a Mexican flag craft including white frosted cupcakes & sprinkles so the kids could add green and red stripes.
Her little boy, Triston, actually came up with the idea to have "a cake for Mexico's birthday." The kids loved decorating those cupcakes!

To give the party that Fishful Thinking twist, I added some bean & cheese burrito bites and diced avocado to the mix for the kids to taste so we could do the Savoring Food activity (found under Optimism on the FT site):

Select various food/snacks, such as Goldfish® crackers, yogurt or fruit. Eat one of the items you selected and notice all the different tastes and textures. Take turns naming out loud something you notice.

We had invited another mom friend to join us, and when her little girl, Marin, took a bite of her burrito, she shouted out, "This tastes like chicken!" - too funny. She made the most hilarious face when she tried a piece of the avocado - she was not a fan, but at least she tried it. :) Noah, on the other hand, gobbled his up. (My kids love those things.) It was cute to hear the kids talking about their food. The cupcakes were definitely their favorite!

The Savoring Party continued as we gathered in the living room so I could teach them the Mexican Hat Dance and the Macarena! I even pulled my sombreros out of my teacher stash so we could dance around them. Another mom had brought some instruments for the kids to play too - including maracas! The kids were really into it. It was a lot of fun. I had some Cinco De Mayo classroom decorations too so we stuck those on the wall and took pics of the kids in front of them -
They got a kick out of those hats. The Cinco de Mayo party was really a lot of fun. We've already talked about doing it again next year!

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Jenny Ramsey said...

so cute!!! and i love me some perkins cup cakes...yummmmmm!!!

Rebecca said...

Those cupcakes look so good! How fun!

KJ said...

What a great idea, throwing a party! I love your cupcakes...too fun! I came from the Homeschool Creations link up.

Whiteboard Workshop said...

Thanks for a wonderful party. It was so fun to watch the kids dance. And they loved the hats!

Raising a Happy Child said...

Visiting from Preschool Corner - it looks like you had a great time with Cinco de Mayo, and the savoring party sounds great. I have to think about decorating cupcakes for one of our country studies too :)