Friday, May 14, 2010

My new favorite photo...

Out of ALL of the events - potato sack race, water relay, tug-of-war, the obstacle course, face painting/tattoos... - and ALL of the photos and videos I took to document Abby's very 1st Field Day, this one makes me smile most:
(wait for it...)

Abby, Noah, and the other kids were cracking themselves up.
It was hilarious.

We need to eat oranges more often.

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Chris said...

I love to watch kids crack themselves up -- the things they find absolutely hilarious is the funniest part.

Who knew orange peels could be so entertaining?

Jenny Ramsey said...

they are so stinkin cute!!!!

angie said...

I can see why it's your favorite. They look so cute!

Krystyn said...

That is awesome...and even better when they make themselves crack up!

raising4boys said...

So cute! That's my favorite way to eat an orange too ;)