Friday, June 11, 2010

First time on the "BIG golf course!"

Last Friday, Noah got to go play nine holes with Dad on the "BIG golf course" (as he calls it) for the very first time. Oh, how he (and Daddy) have been anticipating this day...

Tee behind his ear, golf shirt, and khaki shorts - just like Dad.

Somewhere along the way, Noah decided to take off his sandals. The bottom of his feet were completely green when he got home.

A quick peek of Noah in action -


I've never known a kid to love golf as much as Noah does. (I wonder where he gets that from.) For the life of me, I can' t figure out the last thing he says on that little clip, but "cause I LOVE IT!" is loud and clear.

Now I just have to get a picture of him with his little golf bag. I swear, it's the cutest thing I've ever seen.


Stef said...

Those boys idolize their daddies, don't they. So very cute!!

Kat said...

Oh my gosh. How cute is that??? SO CUTE!!!

Jenny Ramsey said...

pat's dream has come true!! :)

amanda said...

i think i wrecked my first golf cart at his age :)

thank goodness he looks a little more skilled!!

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

He is SO CUTE. Like, edible, cute.

Debra said...

Hey Kelli! I tried and tried to hear what he was saying, too. It sounds like, "And it's real wood". I don't know, but he sure is cute on the golf course, putting away, like nobody's business. I just loved it!

Debra said...

Hey Kelli, I think Noah said, "and it's feel good, or real wood. Not sure.... but one thing I am sure of is that he is awesome putting away on the golf course like nobody's business! Great kid. I know Pat loves doing that with him.

Heidi said...

How Adorable!!!!
And he's a better golfer than I am judging by that video. :)
I love when dad and son can share a passion.
And his shoeless feet just made me feel so much more normal. My Izzy refuses to wear shoes. We've made it to church several times and Izzy has conviently "lost" her shoes somewhere. *sigh*