Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ice Cream & Optimism

Evidently, this Sunday, July 18th is National Ice Cream Day.

How did I miss this in years gone by?

Since having my kids, ice cream has pretty much become a saving grace for me. When we lived in VA, I could call my girlfriend - after one of those days and the kids were finally in bed - and we'd make a spur of the moment ice cream run to the Brusters about a half a mile down the road. It's amazing what a giant-sized waffle cone can do for the soul.

When we moved last summer, I couldn't believe my eyes when I drove by a Brusters Ice Cream place less than two miles down the road from our new house. Oh, those tender mercies...

It's not quite the same without my late night Bruster's buddy, but the kids and I still make daytime ice cream runs now & then before Daddy gets home from work (He's lactose intolerant) so I can get my "fix". Abby and Noah actually cheer every time we pull into the parking lot. There's no doubt that they are MY kiddos.

So this Sunday, to celebrate Ice Cream Day, I found this yummy idea over on Family Fun (where else?) to make Homemade Ice Cream in a Bag. As we are shaking our sugar & cream in our bags filled with ice and salt for five minutes, I thought I'd use the time to try this new activity from Fishful Thinking and talk about things that make us HAPPY (in addition to the ice cream!) -

Pause for the Positive: Take time to talk to your children about the good things happening in their lives. Keep your questions open-ended (rather than yes/no questions) so that you create space for your child to explore the situation and discover as much as she can about what happened, what it felt like, and what she learned.

Done any Fishful Thinking lately?
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blueviolet said...

Making it in a bag sounds really fun!!!

Candyland said...

Thanks for giving me a reason to eat it and not feel guilty:)

Mom's Place said...

I had no idea that there was an international ice cream day!!! What a fun idea too!!!!

amanda said...

i have literally had this on my to do list all summer and have yet to accomplish it!! thanks for the reminder friend!! here's to homemade ice cream in a bag!!

Jenny Ramsey said...

oh kelli, you have NO idea how much your "ice cream buddy" misses you and those amazing brusters runs! but i am SO glad that you have one near you. blessed, beautiful ice cream!!

angie said...

Sunday is ice cream day? Yahoo. Any excuse for ice cream is a good one in my book. :)