Wednesday, July 7, 2010

PAR-TEE TIME - Noah turns "FORE!!!"

Last week was Noah's golf birthday PAR-TEE! He and the kids had a BLAST!

Here's Noah adding the final touch to his golf course cake - placing a teeny tiny golf ball (from Daddy's desktop golf set which Noah has never let him take to work) next to the sugar-covered green.

I modified the Family Fun recipe a little more & used a fruit roll up for the water and green "fruit slice" candy for the trees. (I couldn't find the mint gummy leaves it suggests.) I definitely made sure there were enough "trees" for each kid.

When Noah's friends arrived, we had pizza and then he wanted to open presents right away. That kid doesn't waste any time.

Then I had the kids decorate golf balls with sharpies so they'd be able to tell which one was theirs out on our front yard golf course! (There's more grass in the front than back, and Pat even mowed out some greens. The kids helped me make the flags/pins, and we used the cones as our holes.)

We even had a water hazard. :) The kids were too cute out there swinging those clubs. Of course, moms and dads were close by making sure no one got whopped upside the head.

After a bit, Noah was ready to blow out the candles and dig into that cake. I let him pick the first piece and he pointed to the ENTIRE fairway. Yeah, a little too BIG of a piece. He settled for part of the fairway, the green with his #4 flag, and a bit of the sand trap. With the sprinkles and brown sugar - that was one sugary birthday cake - even for me - and I have a sweet tooth. (If I do it again, I'd probably use crushed graham crackers.)

After the cake, we went back outside for another round of golf, and got out the little soccer net, and Noah's new tee ball set to play with too. The kids even caught a few fireflies as the sun was going down. It was really lots of fun. The kiddos also took home these goodie bags - Thanks for the artwork, Papa!

When I asked Noah later what his favorite part of his golf party, without hesitation, he said, "My golf course cake!" Cute kid. He sure loves golf...and sugar! Thank goodness for the Family Fun website because I would have never come up with that cake (or how to make our own mini golf course) on my own.


Kelli @ WhimsiKel said...

The party looks so amazing! And I am loving that cake!

Down in the Sun said...

Very cute! Looks like Noah loved everything about it! The cake turned out so cute!

amanda said...

looks very impressive friend! a huge hit!!

happy, happy birthday noah :)

Mom2Miles said...

So fun! So creative! I used a similar technique for my baseball field cake but yours came out way cuter. The blue fruit roll-up water is genius. :)