Thursday, July 22, 2010

Who would have thought?

The kids were watching Sesame Street a bit ago, and I happened to hear a familiar tune as I was checking email in the next room - a Sesame-version of "I'm Yours" being sung by Jason Mraz.

Even though I've probably heard it a hundred times (in the car, shopping at Target, even the American Idol finalists performed it one week on the show...I've seen Jason perform it on Regis and Kelly, Ellen, etc...), I couldn't help but go into the living room and watch with the kids.

I must admit, his Sesame Street performance is my favorite. Who would have thought that kid I used to be in show choir with (yes, show choir) would someday be singing a duet with Elmo?

It surprised the kids too when I told them that Mommy used to go to school with that guy playing the guitar on TV.

Too funny.

Just goes to show that life is FULL of possibilities...

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