Thursday, March 17, 2011

Have You Ever...? (Part 2/Take 2)

Have you ever written a post, put it out on your blog for a few hours, and then removed it?

You kept going back to it throughout the day thinking if you tweaked it a bit, you'd feel content with it.

But you didn't.

And being that no one left a comment, you didn't feel too bad about calling a DO OVER. (My apologies to the 10 page views who may or may not have read my earlier - now removed- post.)

It just didn't do the experience this past weekend justice.

The stories and trials and wisdom that the presenters shared.

The heartfelt music and lyrics that touch your heart.

The funny antics that most every mom can relate to...

And the challenge that was given to choose one thing that will help you BECOME closer to the woman you are meant to be. Something just beyond your reach... "All things are possible to him who believeth." (Mark 9:23)

Each of my Time Out friends and I also got to put together one of these:

(Enough items were donated to make 243 Possibilities Packs for the local women's shelter. Every little bit helps!)

I also couldn't pass up the chance to have Hilary Weeks sign a CD, and I figured while I was up there, why not take a picture?

Yes, I am a total cheeseball. (I hope you don't me plastering your face on my blog, Hilary.)

I came away from the experience feeling stronger, wanting to be better, reflecting on what my purpose is and being reminded of all of the wonderful blessings in my life - including the adversities that I've faced or may face in the future. As I've learned from a few of my favorite people, any trial that brings us to our knees and makes us more fully rely on God can be for our good. He helps us become who we are meant to be if we let Him, and if we learn to see ourselves and others the way that He sees us.

I am definitely working on that - having a little more faith, believing a little more in myself and others, and letting go of the doubt and fear.

It may be easier said than done, but I am up for the challenge.


Down in the Sun said...

Wish I would have read your other post - just cause I wonder what it said and I am sure it was awesome too! Sounds like it was a wonderful time! Someday we will attend one together. We may be grandmothers by then but it WILL happen. Glad it was what you needed and gave you the recharge that we all need from time to time! Love ya!

Valerie said...

I have done that before (take down a post). hehe I've never been to a Time Out, but I imagine it like BYU Women's Conference and I LOVE that. Those kits are totally awesome.

Mamarazzi said...

love Hilary Weeks...FUN!!

Paulo said...

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