Saturday, March 5, 2011

My Lil' Pirate is on!

Yes indeed, me hearty!

I just found out yesterday that Noah's picture - all decked out in his pirate gear - was selected as one of the favorite family memories on the Disney Parks website!

All I had to do was type up a short description, attach the picture, and then wait to see if it was approved. We are so excited that it was!

Click on over to see my little swashbuckler and to submit one of your favorite Disney memories. (I know you've got 'em!)  Noah didn't know that I had written about him so it was a total surprise yesterday when he saw himself on the DISNEY site! Very cool!

Now to write one about Abby - fingers crossed that it will be selected too!


amberlyadventures said...

How exciting! He's so cute. :)

I feel like I didn't have a complete childhood because I never got to go to Disney, so the Disney Memories campaign has got me kind of bitter, haha

Heidi said...

That is so fun!!!!!!

I've never been to Disney Land so we don't have any fond memories of the place, but we have plenty of "Disney" moments at our house with three little girls. Think they'd accept one of those? J/K

I'm off to check out Noah in his swashbuckling outfit!