Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Good Distraction

I debated about whether we should have Abby's "almost sleepover"/pajama party this past weekend. It was Monday, and a lot of people still didn't have power. Things were (and still are) kinda crazy. I wasn't sure if it was appropriate timing for a party or if the curfew for our county would even be lifted by that Friday. (Due to the power outages, power lines down, possible looting, etc...an 8pm curfew was temporarily instated.)

Still, I knew how much Abby had been looking forward to her birthday party - counting down the days for weeks. When I mentioned the idea of postponing it, she burst into tears. I felt about this big. So I emailed the moms (the ones with power) and made a few calls (to those with phone service) and asked if their girls would still be able to come - assuming (and crossing fingers) that the curfew would be lifted by then.

Surprisingly enough, the answer was a resounding YES!!!

"Yes, she'd really love to come..."

"She is so excited about Friday..."

"It will be a good distraction..."

...and it was.

Seven giggly girls decorated pillowcases, ate BIG pieces of  birthday cake (decorated by Abby - she was so proud!), played "musical pillows", danced in the dark wearing glow bracelets, and played a few rounds of flashlight hide-and-seek.

I swear, the parents could hardly get their girls out of the door when they came to pick them up. They really had a good time...and Abby was one happy birthday girl.  :o)


amanda said...

awwww!! look how giddy she is!!! honey so so so fun!! i am so glad you girls went ahead with the party - looks and sounds like it was exactly what everyone needed!!

happy birthday sweet girl :)

Kat said...

Oh, that is just awesome. Sounds like it was just what they needed, and your birthday girl is just TOO CUTE! Glad it was such a great time! :)

angie said...

Looks like SO. Much. FUn. Happy birthday to your sweet girl!