Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sometimes You Just Need Pie...

Not any kind of pie.

The kind that helps with a major case of homesickness and irritable-mommy-syndrome induced by way too much multi-tasking, running all over creation, and a "plethora" of end of the school year events - recitals, camp fundraisers, birthday parties, Daisy Scout meetings, church activities, last soccer games along with trophy parties, homeschool group play rehearsals....

Holy cow.

This magical cure (at least temporarily) could not have arrived in my inbox at a better time (thanks to a dear bloggy friend) -

Brace yourself....

Chocolate Chip Cookie PIE.

Just reading the post about how to make it and seeing the pictures made my heart flutter.


I wanted to run out right that minute and get a couple of missing ingredients (- unfortunately, I don't keep frozen pie crust on hand).

It took almost 45 minutes to get Noah to leave the house so I could get to the store, but we FINALLY made it and got what I needed.

Boy, did I need it. I've needed it all week.

The way I've been feeling, I really should have made TWO of them.

Lucky for me, I have another pie crust in the freezer.

1 comment:

amanda said...

it really is amazing isn't it?

like i am seeing the picture now and thinking i need to make yet another one first thing in the morning!

ps - i just made cupcakes tonight. pretty sure pie in the morning would be illegal!!

so happy you loved it :)