Thursday, October 20, 2011

Would It Really Be The Worst Thing in the World if...

"...I had to drive you to school this morning?" I asked Abby as we were scrambling around, stuffing backpacks, and tying shoelaces trying to get out the door in time to make the bus. Their school is three minutes down the rode for heaven's sake.

"YES!!!!!!!" she emphatically declared (without a moment's hesitation), and Noah was backing her up all the way.

Really, the WORST thing? 

Geez. Thanks a lot.

There's just something super cool about that school bus. The novelty definitely hasn't worn off yet. 

I guess they won't be happy campers when/if I get a teaching job next year (hopefully at their school) at they have to ride with me EVERY morning.

Now that will be a tragedy.  :)


amanda said...

i always always always wanted to ride the bus. anytime i had a sleepover at a friends who rode the bus i was extra giddy!

Vivian said...

My kids keep asking to ride the bus. We live across the street from the school...sorry to dissapoint them..LOL

Laural Out Loud said...

I always thought taking the bus would be so cool, until I rode with a friend to her house after school and saw all the chaos that occurred on the bus. I was happy to walk after that, lol. It is SO cute that your kids love the bus!

Kat said...

Ha! That's cute. My boys love taking the bus home from school too. :)