Wednesday, October 12, 2011

WW & Proud Mommy Moments - No More Training Wheels!

...and he has the band-aids to show for it!

So happy for that boy of mine (and my back is too)!

Now we just have to work on starting and stopping... 

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Just found another cute meme today (10/13) - 
this accomplishment definitely qualifies!


Buckeroomama said...

Woo hoo!

My boy has just recently done away with training wheels, too... and on his own. He swapped his scooter for his friend's bike (that has no training wheels) and just rode off. We were all so surprised.

Vivian said...

I get so excited when I get to document and have a record of my kids' milestones. I got to read a few of your post and REALLY enjoying your blog. I'm an ocean kind of girl, too :) Following!

amanda said...

yipppeee!! and huge congrats!! such a big moment!

Emmy said...

Yep totally 100% qualifies as a PMM! That is so awesome! We still aren't there with my oldest- he tried once but just is too anxious about it.. one of these days

Kmama said...

Thank you for linking up!!

That is SUCH a proud moment when they take off on their own. It took a good year (because we live in Michigan and can't bike in the winter) for my oldest to learn how to start on his own. We'd have to go outside and hold the bike and push it for him to get going. I'm so glad he finally learned!

sarajo said...

Yay for no training wheels! :D

Krystyn said...

WTG...that's awesome! We haven't even really done much with the bike and training wheels. Our driveway is super slanty and the road is pretty busy.