Monday, January 30, 2012

That First Hollywood Crush...

I couldn't have been more than seven years old when I first laid eyes on Han Solo. I remember watching  The Empire Strikes Back (I think it had been re-released since I was only 4 in 1980) and wishing that I were Princess Leia. Oh, Han Solo - how brave, how funny, how handsome.
I was devastated when he was frozen in that wall of stone (or whatever it was) at the end of the movie and couldn't wait to see the next one just to make sure he was going to be okay. My little brother and I would play with his Star Wars action figures too, and, of course, I always wanted to reenact the Han and Leia scenes - much to my brother's dismay.

So this morning, as I was brushing Abby's hair, I couldn't help but smile as she was holding Noah's Will Turner LEGO guy and going on and on about Will and Elizabeth Swan. Noah's incessant begging finally wore me down, and I let the kids watch the first Pirates of the Caribbean on Halloween, and my, oh my, she's been smitten ever since. (I mean, really...who can blame her? Justin Bieber's got nothing on this guy.)
She's mentioned a few times that she wants to dress up as Elizabeth Swan next Halloween, but this morning, she confessed (between giggles) that once she saw that Elizabeth was Will's girlfriend - "I totally wanted to be her!"

Being that the kids just watched The Empire Strikes Back with Dad on TV not too long ago, I had to confess my Han Solo crush too - action figure and all. Giggles, smiles, doing hair - it was a major girl talk session, even if it was just for a few minutes. Fun stuff.

Sure love that cute girl of mine.


Ashley said...

I love this post! Can't wait to have those girl talk sessions with my girls. Abby sure does have good taste! Love that girl!

Jenny Ramsey said...

ha! no more picking on me for "twilight" you secret-han-solo crush-having-woman!

Down in the Sun said...

I love it! At first I thought you were going to write about your Chris O' Donnell crush but that was later!

You can tell Abby that I think Orlando is cute too. I prefer him with blonde hair in Lord of the Rings though! :)

Jessie Oliveros said...

Be careful with Lord of the Rings. Those elfish ears and long, blonde silken hair. And the way he wields that bow and arrow!

amanda said...

this is so far beyond adorable! love it mama :)