Monday, March 24, 2008

Beware of the Maymont Easter Egg Hunt!

Yikes! You have never seen an Easter egg hunt like this least I hope not! There's an area fenced off, probably about 20 yards, and eggs are scattered all over the ground (literally walking on eggshells, but they're plastic, of course!). There's a "holding area" for the next group of Easter egg hunters. We are jammed in this roped off area waiting for the person in charge to open the flood gate and let everyone run in. there were at least 150 people. It was reminiscent of the running of the bulls or maybe even "Black Friday" when the store doors open and everyone goes rushing in.

Seriously, Pat and I had to barracade (sp?) the kids so they could bend down and pick up an egg without being trampled. It was crazy! The whole egg hunt lasted about 2 or 3 minutes in contrast to the 15 minutes of waiting in the "holding area". The kids could only pick up 10 EMPTY plastic eggs each to turn in for a prize bag on the other side (more waiting in line) and the "prizes" were a couple tiny, little choking hazard items...a plastic ring, a plastic compass, etc... And to think, we paid $4 per child to do this!!! I still can't believe how crazy it was... never again! Easter egg hunts are much more fun (and safe) in our own backyard!

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