Thursday, May 14, 2009

Catching Up - Part 3 - Birthday Extravaganza!

Abby started making plans for her birthday back in February...seriously. She couldn't wait to turn FIVE! She wanted to make a birthday countdown poster at the beginning of April, so we did and then put it up on the refrigerator. It was a thirty day countdown, and she never missed coloring in even one day (without any reminders from me). She was that excited.

Abby's birthday breakfast - She requested Eggo chocolate chip waffles.

Birthdays are pretty much a week long event when it comes to the kiddos.
On the Saturday evening before Abby's birthday, we had her "family party" for which she requested chocolate cake. (She added those Pet Shop figures to the top as a finishing touch right before we started singing "Happy Birthday".)

Then on her actual birthday, we made a special trip to the Build-A-Bear workshop. As soon as we walked in, she spotted a pink teddy bear with white hearts that she had to have. She added the Hannah Montana theme song to its foot and picked out a frilly ballet outfit to dress it in...just "perfect for my Princess Ballerina party," she said.

Abby squeezing "Ballerina Bear" and Noah posing with "Air Bud".

Next up was the "Princess Ballerina" birthday/tea party. Abby loved her teapot cakes (yes, I made them)! She had so much fun with all of her little friends.

My sweet girl has now been FIVE years old for a whole week, and she is loving it. As for me, I don't think it's quite sunk in yet. Five already? Time really does fly.

Happy Birthday, Doodle! I sure do love you.


Heather said...

Gorgeous cakes! It looks like she had a wonderful birthday week.

Jenny Ramsey said...

how adorable is that cake?!?!!? she is so cute and so grown up. hard to believe that not so long ago we were sitting playing games at your baby shower. :)

Just Another SAHM said...

Looks like a fabulous birthday!
The tea party cakes turned out wonderful - you did a great job!
Happy belated 5th birthday to your big girl.

amanda said...

look at those cakes! yumo friend :)

happy birthday to the sweetest five year old i "know"!!

Krystyn said...

What a special day! It all turned out so well.