Sunday, June 21, 2009

"It's a surprise!"

Last night as Pat and I were putting Abby to bed, she asked for a song like she usually does. After singing her favorite, "I Am a Child of God", I asked, "How about this one since tomorrow's Father's Day? " and started to sing, "I'm so glad when Daddy comes home..." only to have her smack her hand over my mouth and say, "No Mom! It's a surprise!"

She proceeded to whisper to me (all within ear shot of Daddy) that the Primary was going to be singing that song for Father's Day, so "we can't sing it or it will ruin the surprise." It was so cute.

This morning, Abby kept reminding us not be late for church because on Mother's Day, we actually missed the kids singing! She was really upset about that. I felt so bad. (In my defense, I had no idea the Primary was going to be singing "Mother, I Love You" as prelude music that Sunday.) We didn't want to make that mistake again so we were rushing to make sure we got there in a timely manner. Abby was so excited to go up and sing with the Primary, even though it's only our second week in this ward. She could hardly sit still during sacrament meeting.

When it was finally time to for the Primary to go up front, she was all smiles as she sang and looked out at us in the congregation.

Daddy was all smiles too.

And me? A little misty-eyed.

Happy Father's Day, Daddy! We love you!


Jenny Ramsey said...

you? misty eyed?!?! i'm shocked!! :) it's okay though, i'm right there with you!

Shannon said...

Hey there! I have been not really bloggin alot or surfing so I need to catch up. Where are you guys now? How close are you to a Temple? Give us the scoop... we would love to hook up with you guys if you are close! So good to catch up with your blog and see your cute photos... can NOT believe it has been 13 years for you two! Uggh I so remember your wedding and didn't your mom get so mad about your cake fight? Hmmm- we are almost at 14 this September. Did you get married before Melissa? I don't remember who got married first. K- give me the scoop and lets plan something..... Oh and Parker refused to go up today to sing! Taylor had tic-tacs in her mouth the entire time(front row!!) and spent most of the time trying to stick them to the side of her mouth!!

amanda said...

soooo sweet!

happy daddy day :)

Melissa (Wallick) Larson said...

Well, I am glad your kids actually sang. I was in charge of our FAther's Day songs in sacrament and all the kids just sat there and stared at me while Landon kept telling me to sing louder. I was leading them from the congregation and really didn't feel like doing a Father's Day solo, but that is what happened. I don't know what happened with the kids. They were all so cute standing up there though.

Okay so I am like Shannon. I have lost track of where my Cousin Kelli is. Do I have play a game of "Where's Kelli"

I am so glad all has worked out though. I hope you like you new location and hope you will soon be able to call it home.

We love ya!!

Momisodes said...

That is so sweet! I would have been misty eyed as well. So glad it was a lovely Father's day!

Carol said...

I wish she were in my primary. Our Sunbeams and CTR 5's refuse to sing. They just look at the music leader like she's insane. Which wouldn't be so bad if those 2 classes didn't make up about 70 per cent of our primary.