Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wedding Cake Fight '96 Revisited

In honor of our recent 13th wedding anniversary (Has it really been that long???), I thought I'd rerun these Pop-Up Video Style, candid cake-cutting pics that my best friend (and maid of honor), Diana, snapped and mailed to me when we got back from our honeymoon in San Diego. (No emailing digital pics back then, folks. No email. No digital cameras. Man, I'm old.)

It started out sweet and innocent...
Yes, I smashed a little cake in my new hubby's face...just to be silly
Then it was his turn...I tried to dodge him and it went right up my nose!
You're going down, buddy!
It was a full-out cake fight! How dignified...
That's exactly what our parents were thinking...haha!
My make-up, my lipstick...pretty much gone, but I was still smiling. It really was hilarious, although I did have icing boogers for a week. (Sorry...too much info.) be young and in love.


Mom2Miles said...

13 years? WOW, congrats! That's impressive. We're just coming up on 6. Now I want cake... :)

Carol said...

Wow 13 years is a milestone!!

That cake fight thingy shocked me so much the 1st time I went to a wedding in the states. Every old lady in attendance would have a full on heart attack if that were to happen here. Us Brits are far too obsessed with being proper.

amanda said...

Young is the key word there. I love it. You guys are so cute together. Wow! 13 years? That's a long time. You guys have been through a lot together and are still going strong. Happy Anniversary!!!

amanda said...

yay for the big 1-3!!

and love the cake smashing - too fun!

Jenny Ramsey said...

did i tell you about how mike did that to me at our reception and i had an allergic reaction to the frosting? my face puffed up and broke out into this horrid rash and i had no makeup with was fantabulous!!
13 years! awesome!!