Sunday, December 6, 2009

Cracks me up every time...

Abby and Noah and their cousins, Oliver & Amelie,
have just been "elfed" by their Uncle Michael.
I'm cracking up over here! :)
I can't wait to show the kids tomorrow.

Click here to see them in action!


Heidi said...

Way too cute! I love the chubby baby picture, that is just perfect for an elf!
I guess if Jib Jab has their new christmas things up I'm going to have to go "elf" my whole family. The one we did at Halloween was a crack up, so I think we'll do it again.
Thanks for participating in Sunday Funnies! You are the first one ever. :)
PS I tried to get that list of 10 things about me together for Photo Story Friday and missed the deadline. It was taking way longer to come up with ten things about myself than I thought it would. So I'll work on it throught the week and post it for NEXT Photo Story Friday. Thanks!

Shannon said...

Cute... we did the western one last year. How goes it? Just wanted to say hey to ya!