Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Only 9 more BOOKS until Christmas!!!

In an effort to make our first Christmas on our own extra festive and fun, I've been all ears for new holiday activities. I loved this Christmas book countdown idea that my awesomely creative friend, Diana, told me about a couple weeks ago. (Thanks, Diana!)

On December 5th, Abby helped me find all of our Christmas books...
I didn't realize I had so many! Still being two shy of 19 books, I printed out a couple stories from the online December issue of the Friend magazine to make up for it.

Later, we had a little book wrapping contest - Daddy and Noah vs. Mom and Abby!  (The girls won by a millisecond.) Then that night, the kids picked one book to open together and read before bedtime.(The taking-turns-each- night idea didn't go over well.)
Christmas in the Manger was a perfect book to start our countdown.  That story has been one our favorites to read since Abby's very first Christmas...six years ago.

The last book the kids unwrap will be the scriptures so we can read the Christmas story from Luke together.

Also on the agenda this Christmas season  - Decorating graham cracker gingerbread houses! (This mama is all about shortcuts.)  We made those last night for the very first time.

It was a lip smackin', finger-lickin' good time...and before dinner too.  YUM!!!

Next up - a Holiday Treasure Box! (Pictures to come on Fishful Thinking Thursday.)

Any fun ideas that you'd like to share? Do tell! :)  


Mom's Place said...

I love the book idea! I'll have to remember that for next year! I bet my kiddos would enjoy it! Especially ending with the scriptures!

amanda said...

i love the book idea...i was actually going to try it this year but got so excited when i found all my books - i couldn't wait!!

maybe next year :)

Jenny Ramsey said...

today we did our first gingerbread house....it was very interesting. at one point suzy looked at me and in the sweetest little voice said, "mommy, you're not very good at this." sigh.

CC said...

We do the books too. I have to supplement our books with lots from the library, but it works out great and the kids actually like the "new" library books better than the ones we own. :)