Thursday, January 14, 2010

Fishful Thinking Thursday - Movin' & Groovin'

"Hey There, Delilah" is Abby's new favorite song. She first discovered it on our iPod a few weeks ago and then on New Year's Eve, she blasted the Kids' Bop version over and over again while we played a twenty minute game of freeze dance. It was a fun way to ring in the new year with the kids (four hours before midnight) - funny dance moves, silly poses, and lots of giggles.

We've actually been serenaded by this same CD (a happy meal freebie) almost every night this week during dinner. (The kids have figured out how to use the CD player.) And freeze dance has become Noah's new favorite game, especially when he is the one who gets to press the pause button.

As I was browsing around on the Fishful Thinking site, I came across this Mood Music activity that I think they will really like considering all the movin' and groovin' that has been going on around here:

Music and dance are great ways to help express feelings. Choose music that represents different moods: heavy classical music for sadness, pop music for happiness, heavy drumming music for anger. Put on the music and ask your child what feeling the music reminds her of (again, no wrong answers) and then dance to the music in a way that expresses that feeling. A variation on this is to get household items - pots and pans, spoons, bells, boxes of noodles, etc. and make music that demonstrates how it feels to be angry, happy, sad, etc. Some kids like to do this by choosing a card that has an emotion word written on it and others have to guess which emotion they are expressing through the music they make.

I may even let them use the long as they don't start sword fighting with them.

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Carol said...

My kids have discovered the CD player too. Been trying to teach them the primary presentation songs for this year Eli without fail always puts in on to follow the prophet. After the 300+ time my head was ready to explode. But they love it.

I love Hey there Delilah your little one has great taste!!

amanda said...

Geez-I've missed a few posts. I love this idea. Kids LOVE this too. I remember teaching creative dance and the kids loved activities like this. Good idea. I need some ideas to keep my kids busy without watching TV all day.

I love your "Am I The Only One..." post. And no you are not the only one on all of them. I am right there with you on most. I have let my kids watch WAY too much TV lately because of all my projects. They are done now so it's time to play with them:)

i saw that you called. I'll try calling you back today.

Nancy said...

One of these days I'm so going to join in on FTT :)

Down in the Sun said...

Sam loves to blast Kidz Bop! All three of mine LOVE freeze dance. It is the most loved game at all of their birthday parties! Tell Abby that I love that song too!

Linked up for FT this week. Actually made it on a Thursday this time! Wahoo!

amanda said...

and now that song is totally stuck in my head!! thanks friend :)

The frazzled Wifey said...

Loved your blog. As a home schooling mom I find that website interesting and can't wait to explore it. BTW my bonus son loves Hey there Delilah and sings it on the way to therapy. :)